What is KyaTrade?

KyaTrade platform offers a stream of fresh and intraday trading and investment ideas anytime during market hours. It uses years of research experiences and tonnes of data to generate reliable and definite trading and investment ideas for users.

Why did we build KyaTrade?

Most intraday traders trade in an erratic manner without any definite trading strategy. There is no entry plan and certainly no exit plan which often proves to be loss making.

Another trait seen among traders is that when a trade goes against them, instead of exiting with a stop loss, they tend to hold onto a losing trade expecting a turnaround sometime. We build KyaTrade to change the way retail investors trade...


Trade with a definite and well research strategy


Act on Kyatrade generated sophisticated trading ideas


Trade with strict stop losses and realistic targets

Why KyaTrade?

Well researched trading ideas
Automated risk management system
Trading with discipline
Easy to use

How does it work?

Login to KyaTrade & subscribe to one month starter pack at only 1
Load funds to trade & start swiping right on good trade ideas and recommendations

Your stock market journey with KyaTrade

Without KyaTrade
Enters the Market
Trades without a plan
Losses Money
Exits the Market
With KyaTrade
Enters the Market
Trades on KyaTrade ideas
Makes a debut with definite trading strategy
Learns and Grows

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