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Most traders fail while trading intraday.

This is one of the most alarming phrase you commonly hear from traders.

Most traders enter the market with an ‘I will make it big in the markets…’ attitude.

The lure of making quick money in just a couple of hours gets traders minds spinning with possibilities. They simply show up during trading hours and use their gut feel to enter and exit a trade. These traders are one of the major contributors to increased failure rates in intraday trading.

Unfortunately, your gut feeling is not going to lead you towards a profitable trade every time. Hence, having an ideal intraday trading strategy is a must.

Why do majority of traders fail in intraday trading?

For most individuals, trading is a part-time job. But, you don’t see profits unless you are on the top of the game.

For new traders, the stock market is already complex. With such high level of complexity, they do not have any guidance on how to select the right stocks.

Here is the journey of an ordinary trader in the stock market.

Why do majority of traders fail in intraday trading


  • A trader simply starts trading in a random stock recommended by a friend with no entry or exit plan.
  • Often they enter into a stock at the wrong levels and don’t have a stop loss to limit their risk. This leads to major losses.
  • Another common mistake a trader makes is when the momentum of a share is against what a trader had thought of. Instead of exiting the trade, they hold onto the position hoping it to give profits.

This is a big mistake. By doing so you are not only making losses but also losing capital and missing out on other great opportunities.

  • While other traders who fear from making losses book profit as soon as their stock gains momentum and the position turns green. In this situation, traders are unaware of the right time to cover the trade and they settle with small profits.
  • Eventually, traders pack their bags and quit trading.

So, it’s safe to say that traders fail because they do not have a proper set of rules to follow and a plan to execute. Hence, having an intraday trading strategy is essential.

Remember…Action without planning is the major cause of failure.

KyaTrade – Provides the Best Intraday Trading Strategies and Ideas

To solve these problems, Samco has built KyaTrade. It is an expertly curated platform which assists you in your intraday trading journey.

KyaTrade’s research method is created using a Giga Trading Engine. It evaluates millions of data points to find ideas based on repeatable price patterns and trends.

These three major patterns are observed while recommending an intraday trading idea for you.

  1. KyaTrade selects stocks which are currently seeing momentum and can continue to grow.
  2. The stock which might see a correction and revert back to their short term averages.
  3. The stocks which tend to move sideways in a range bound manner.

KyaTrade identifies such stocks and analyses the optimal entry and exit points. This is done automatically through its proprietary giga trading engine.

Moreover, it ensures that you are able to enter and exit a position easily. Hence out of 4,000 listed stocks in the markets it filters the top 200 to 250 stocks. It selects stocks which are liquid, volatile and can provide the best returns in intraday.

Here is a track record of how KyaTrade recommends intraday trading strategies and ideas.

Company Recommendation Date Trade Type Entry Price Exit Price Absolute profit/loss
HEG 2/8/2021 Long  1,105.1  1,168.65  5,973.7
MOTHERSUMI 2/10/2021 Long  167.45  176.25  5,693.6
TATAMOTORS 2/2/2021 Long  307.55  319.9  3,989.05
GODREJIND 3/9/2021 Long  489.05  503.9  3,964.95
APOLLOHOSP 3/5/2021 Short  2,961.85  2,880  2,782.9
UBL 2/10/2021 Short  1,261.95  1,228.05  2,881.5
ACC 2/12/2021 Long  1,790.05  1,783.2  -417.85
TORNTPOWER 2/10/2021 Long  331.8  331  -260.8

As you can see, KyaTrade helps you make profitable trades. On an average it provides 5-15 intraday trading ideas daily on the basis of opportunities provided by the market.

Of all the ideas generated, each idea will come with a carefully defined exit strategy and a stop loss of at least 1%. The target price is always set in the range of 2-5%. So, you can earn high returns with minimal risk.

The platform does not allow to recommend any stock below a particular risk threshold.

So, as an intraday trader all you need to do is open your KyaTrade app in the first one hour of the market and swipe right to place the trade.

As the platform is integrated with Samco’s StockNote, all the trades placed from the KyaTrade app will be Bracket Orders (BO). This order is a 3 in 1 order. It defines your entry price, target price and stop-loss in a single trade.

So, how will your journey be after subscribing to KyaTrade?

how will your journey be after subscribing to KyaTrade

  • With KyaTrade we follow a proper set of rules and come up with a strategy which is profitable. So, as soon as you start trading with KyaTrade’s intraday trading strategies you will have a strong hold on which stocks to buy and at what levels.
  • Apart from this you also get high conviction ideas right from day one. So, by placing profitable trades you can create wealth in the stock markets.
  • This will eventually help learn and grow in the markets.

To sum up, every disciplined trader deserves to make money in intraday trading. But, this can only be done with a practical approach.

As you start trading with KyaTrade you will have a clear picture of what and how to trade. Moreover, you will be able to focus on a successful journey with no emotional interferences.

The superior returns you earn is the result of expert research which you can experience at just Re 1 for the first month and get:

  • Unlimited access to high conviction trading ideas.
  • 5-20 trading ideas each day depending on market volatility.
  • Trading recommendations with a 1:2 risk-reward ratio.
  • End to end intraday trading strategy and execution from buy to sell with target and strict stop losses.

Later, you can subscribe to our annual plan and get a flat 50% off! 

So forget about emotional barriers and focus on creating wealth by opening a Demat account at Samco today!

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